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British Infosec startup, Cyberlytic wins first Firestarter Trailblazer Award for Non-VC Funded Early Stage Tech Startups

Press release   •   Jan 29, 2015 17:12 UTC

Europe dominates the Firestarter’s category in Tech Trailblazers with three UK and one French startups recognized alongside Singaporean Firestarter

London, UK - January 29th 2015 - The highly successful Tech Trailblazers Awards today announced the winner and runners up of the very first Firestarter Awards recognizing the top enterprise tech startups or early stage non VC backed startups:

Firestarter Trailblazer - Cyberlytic (@CyberlyticUK), – London, UK (Also InfoSec Trailblazers Runners up)
Firestarter runners up

- Copsonic (@CopSonic), – Montauban, France (Also InfoSec Trailblazers
Runners up)

- Percentile (@pcentile), – London, UK (Winner of the FinTech Trailblazer Award)

- Silicon Safe (@SiliconSafe) - - Cambridge, UK (Also Storage Trailblazers Runners up)

- Temasys Communications (@Temasysrtc), – Singapore (Winner of the Emerging Markets Trailblazer Award)

The Firestarter programme has been created to ensure dedicated recognition and reward for the new lean startups who are still securing major funding from VCs. This new award has attracted a large number of earlier stage startups from within the accelerator and incubator communities as well as those self-funding or with angel, seed and crowdfunding as their primary source of investment.

The other Tech Trailblazers startup awards include the following categories: big data, cloud, emerging markets, FinTech, IoT, mobile technology, networking, IT security, storage, sustainable IT and virtualization. The full list of winners can be found here:

Rose Ross, Chief Trailblazer and founder of the awards, explained: “This year has been a special year for the awards. Our first Firestarter Trailblazers winner Cyberlytic is an innovation infosec startup player who will no doubt go on to achieve great further commercial success and industry recognition in other contests such as the Innovation Sandbox at RSA. We are honored to give Cyberlytic some extra fuel and air for its tech fire.”

“The introduction of the Firestarter Award with entrants without VC funding in the very early stages of their startup journey is a landmark in the development of awards, helping even more startups to achieve recognition and reward for their hard work and dedication to innovation in enterprise technology as possible. This Firestarter Award and associated bursary to the awards has opened up the Awards to more and more early stage bootstrapping startups.”

All Tech Trailblazing entrants will also be automatically entered free of charge for Regional Trailblazers Cups – a further chance to win an award, and be crowned Trailblazer for their geographical region. The regional winners will be announced next week.

The Tech Trailblazers Awards winners are determined by a combination of public voting and an extensive expert panel of judges from around the world. Industry analysts, editors, entrepreneurs, startup specialists and CTO’s from all backgrounds in enterprise technology make up this year’s panel, and are eager to review a new wave of startup talent and crown this year’s Tech Trailblazers.

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Early stage startups (2 years and younger without VC funding) will be able to apply for a chosen tech category free of charge via the new Firestarter bursary and will also be automatically submitted for the new Firestarter award as well as their appropriate Regional Cup.

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